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Should I buy or rent?

Renting or buying advantages and disadvantages are unique for each individuals needs! Buying a home has many advantages such as being an investment, and renting can at times be more beneficial for those who are extremely busy!

What is the first step to buying a home?

The single most important step in the home buying process is to make sure you can afford to buy a home. Speaking with a lender or to a real estate agent who can connect you to a lender is the starting point to see if you qualify for a home mortgage loan, and if so, for how much.

What will you do to sell my home?

Your home will be listed on the Multiple Listing Service, displaying for thousands of agents statewide to see. The MLS prompts internet exposure such as Truilia and Zillow. Your house will be advertised on the internet, as well as sometimes holding open houses.

Are there mortgages  or programs available for first time home buyers?

YES! There are several programs for first time home buyers. Your real estate agent should have contacts of lenders who can discuss first time home buyers programs with you.

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