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First Time Home Buyer Tips

Buying your first home can be both exciting and scary. Often, the first time home buyer does not know where to begin.

Finding a real estate broker you trust is often a good start. A realtor will guide you to the next step which is getting in touch with a lender to qualify you for a loan amount. A good real estate agent will have already worked with lenders that he or she trust and know which lender to send you to based on the needs of your loan type.

Once the lender gathers necessary information from you, they will be able to calculate a pre-approval amount and explain your loan options to you.

Once approved for an amount, you are on to house hunting with your real estate agent.

Our next blog here at Cannon & Cannon Properties will contain additional information for first time home buyers.

Cannon & Cannon Properties has helped MANY first time home buyers. It is actually one of our favorite, most rewarding aspects of our job.

Feel free to call or email with additional questions. We love our first time home buyers!

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