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Meet Angie and Steve!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Cannon and Cannon Properties believes that buying and/or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime and we want to be the ones to help you.

I would like to introduce myself, Angela Cannon and my husband Steven Cannon as owners of Cannon & Cannon Properties.

I was born and raised in Louisiana, moving to North Carolina in the early 90's while still in my early twenties. I have grown to love NC as my residence and home. I still have family who resides in Louisiana, visiting often, enjoying the life and lifestyle of the bayou.

I have worked in the dental field as a dental hygienist/office manager for almost twenty five years. I've always possessed an entrepreneurial mindset, opening up a home town sports bar in 2011 and now Cannon & Cannon Properties after working in real estate for the past four years with a different firm.

My husband Steven was born in and raised in the foothills of NC. He has worked with Corning Optical Communications for twenty three years as well as being a military member for a total of twenty years with the Air Force and now Air Force National Guard, where he was recently promoted to Master Sergeant (proud wife moment)!

Together, Steven and I have helped many first time home buyers. We have helped many veterans buy and sell their home. We have helped couples downsize and helped couples and individuals find a perfect home for their growing families.

We love our community as we are actively involved with many charities and charitable organizations.

The purpose of this blog is to introduce ourselves. The purpose of our future blogs will be to educate you in the ever changing real estate market.

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